Video transcription

Hi, I'm Amy Newman, Fitness Expert/Creator of the Perfect 10 Workout, and I'm going to show you some Yoga poses for eliminating body fat in the tummy. We're going to first clasp our hands with our index finger and thumbs together. Reaching out with our legs straight, you're going to churn, turning round in a big circle, squeezing your abdominals. Inhale as you lean back, exhale as churn forward. Inhale, exhale; nice and slow. Try to keep your butt equally on the mat, not lifting one side even though you're off-balance just a little when you go to the sides. That's what's really working on your abdominals. Breathing is very important. Inhale deeply, exhale as you reach out into a circle in a churning motion. "Whew", "Hmmm". You want to squeeze your abdominal muscles as hard as you can; exhaling, inhaling, keep them squeezed, exhale, squeezing harder, "Whew", "Hmmm", "Hhhhh", "Hmmm". Then, you can go into Boat where you lay on your back into Table Top with your legs bent. Slowly, try to lift up and balance on your tail bone. Just leaning back just a little, breath; shoulders down, neck is long, in a little V form. Now, as you get use to this and this becomes a little easy, stretch out your legs and lean back even further. Breath, don't hold your breath and always keep it nice and relaxed. You might even start to feel your legs quiver, which is fine. Just hold them there, breath into it, try to relax as much as you can. "Hmmm". Squeeze your belly in, feel your muscles working. The more and the longer that you hold it, the harder it is. I'm Amy Newman. Those are some exercises for eliminating belly fat with Yoga.