Video transcription

Hi, this is Cristen with Cool Springs Eye Care in Franklin, Tennessee, and I'm going to talk to you about how to remove a contact lens that's stuck under your eyelid. When you're looking for the lens under the eyelid, you can lift up your lid and look in the mirror, and you may have to tilt your head different ways to find the lens under there. You can also take a pen light or a flashlight and shine it on your eyelid to see if you can see a different reflection between the lens and your eye tissues. Always remember never to use your fingernails when trying to remove the lens from your eye. You can cause more damage to your eye if you do use your fingernails to try to remove the lens. When you find the lens, use the pad of your finger to gently move the lens to the white part of your eye, and then you can pinch it and pull it off your eye like you would if it was on the middle part of your eye. Again, never use your fingernails to remove that lens.