Video transcription

Hi, I'm CarolAnn with, and I'm going to show you core strengthening exercises for low back pain. The first exercise we're going to perform involves a rag doll stretch. So, we're going to stretch those muscles out, feel really good, and really use our breath as we're doing this exercise. So, start off, roll those shoulders back and down, create a nice long body through your spine and inhale to prepare, "Hhhh", exhale as you roll down, one vertebrae at a time, and just allow gravity to pull you towards the floor and inhale at the bottom, "Hhhh" and exhale as you pull up. Now, anytime you're using your core muscles, you need to really think about engaging and inhale, "Hhhh", and exhale as you roll down nice and slow, round that back, feel a nice stretch in the lower back muscles. Inhale at the bottom, "Hhhh", and exhale, pull through the belly button as you're coming up. Now, once you're through that exercise, we can do a forward bend. Extend your arms up, and we want to fold over, this is totally using the lower back muscles, and lift. Now, just listen to your body. If this is too much for you, go back to that rag doll exercise. And anytime we fold, we exhale, "Hhhh"; anytime we open, we inhale, "Hmmm", and just really strengthening the lower back muscles. Again, if you're feeling pain, this is a great core exercise. Now moving on, we can work the back muscles using the stability ball. And so, all you need to do is to come down to the floor; brace your feet on the wall and place your tummy and your quads right on your stability ball. Place your fingertips behind your head, lower down and lift up. Now, if you have severe back pain, you don't want to go up too high. Just come level to where your back muscles are working. We have to strengthen those back muscles. And remember to exhale as you lift, inhale when you come down. And you can perform all of these exercises that we've just demonstrated about 20 reps, or you can do less than that. Now, the next exercise, we always have to work our abdominal muscles if we're working our lower back muscles. So, come on the ball, rest your lower back into the ball, place your fingertips behind your head and we're going to gently sit up and come back down. Always work your body in balance. If you're working your lower back muscles, then, you definitely need to work your abdominal muscles. Everything in balance, keep everything strong and it helps to prevent pain. So, you can perform about 25 reps of your abdominal crunches. Always exhale up, inhale back. And then, when you're finished, just gently roll up and have a sit on your ball. So, those are some great exercises that you can perform, core strengthening exercises to really help with your back pain. I'm CarolAnn with