Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tanya Batts, and I'm an instructor at Gold's Gym. I want to show you just a few Pilates floor exercises you can do. So, you don't need a gym, just do it in your living room on the carpet. Get yourself a little mat, they're fairly inexpensive, you can find them anywhere. So, I'm going to come on down, and start some Pilates. All the way down, one vertebrae at a time. So, to set up for Pilates, want to pull the belly in. Think of scooping those abdominals out, really pressing the low back into the floor. Bring the knees into the chest, feels good, fingertips find your head, and lift off. I'm going to do this opposite elbow, opposite knee. So, if you're fairly new to Pilates, I want you to aim the legs straight to the ceiling. You can point the toes if you want to look all fancy, or flex the feet, it's completely up to you. But, this is working the sides. Three, two, one. Then, bring the knees to the chest and rest. You want to do, like, 12 of those. Another great one, heels together, knees wide, fingertips find your head, lift the head off the floor, relax the face. Inhale, don't do a thing. Exhale, send the legs away, squeeze knees. So, inhale, and exhale. Kind of resembles a frog. So, I'm working inner thigh here, because I'm squeezing the knees, and just sending the legs away. Core strength at its best right here. Two more. And, it's lengthening, because it's all about the Pilates. Last one. Okay, bring the knees in, the feet find the floor. Pilates is all about the pre-roll up, so here's what it is. Your feet are flat, the knees are together, the abs are in. Inhale, reach the arms over the head. Exhale, reach for ceiling, chin to chest, peel yourself up off the floor. And then, round down the spine one vertebrae at a time. And, do it again. Inhale, exhale. It is quite a challenge to keep the feet on the floor. So, if you're doing this at home, and your feet keep coming off the floor, I don't care, I want you to try it again. Inhale, exhale. If you really want help, you can use the legs to help yourself up, but I love this pre-roll up. Last one, inhale, exhale. I love the pre-roll up, because that helps you chart your progress. If you can't do it now, as you get stronger, you're able to do it, and it's a little easier? You're like, "Wow, I am getting stronger." And, that's why I like that one. Pilates is amazing. It's going to make you long, lean, and strong.