Video transcription

My name is Al Savery. I am the owner and CEO of A1 Mobile Detailing. We are based out of Northridge, California. We've been in business for a little over three years, and we are eco-friendly. I'm going to show you today how to start your mobile, your own mobile detailing business. You'll need to go down and find your name that you want your business to be called. You go down to your local registrar office and do a DBA search to the name that you'd like, to see if it's available. Well this is, this is what you'll need to get started. You'll need a really good pressure washer hose with a compressor. That gives you a lot of power going out of it. You'll need a strong industrial hose as well as a nozzle and gun. You'll need a good, a nice sized tank in the back there. That tank's 300, 300 gallons. It doesn't have to be that big you can start off with a 150, 200 gallon tank. And your most important thing is you are going to need a generator. This is how you are going to run your shop vac that you need as well, and any other power that you'll need to wash a car. Lights, anything like that. And make sure you have a nice know, five gallon container of gas at all times, because these machines are running everyday constantly, and they burn gas just like a car does. After that, you'll need microfiber towels. You can never have enough microfiber towels. Those are really good for your car. It won't scratch your customer's paint. And it really makes your job much easier. After doing that, then you probably want to get some advertisement going. You know, you want to, you know, put your, put your fliers out there with your prices. You got to be competitive, but you want to put your prices out there. Get known, talk to people, get you some business cards. Starting out, when you get your first couple of jobs you are going to want to you know, you are going to have to sacrifice the price. They may say, well, the guy that used to come here charged, for instance, $25. And you are charging $35. So, you'll want to have some wiggle room in there, you know, ask okay, well, I'll're my first time customer, I'll do it for $25. If you have more than the one car that I am going to do, I'll knock $5 off of the next car. There's ways to get around to sacrificing, but you are going to have to play with your numbers a little bit until you get a normal steady flow of customers where they know what they are going to pay once you wash their car. Now, if you follow those few basic steps, you should be very successful in your own mobile detailing business.