Video transcription

Hi, I'm Mimi Janosy, owner of Mimi Professional Photography in Philadelphia. Today, I'd like to talk to you about how to present a photography portfolio. You will need the following: a presentation book, a business card and a leave behind. When choosing your portfolio, here are some things to consider. The size of your book, make it small and simple. Something that you won't mind carrying around with you at all times and something that your clients can view seated at their desk. Another option is whether you want interchangeable pages or fixed pages. I tend to prefer the interchangeable pages as you can eliminate an odd pages as needed and not have empty pages in the back of your book. That doesn't look good. And third, the finish of the pages. Some have a pebble texture, some are smooth and shiny vinyl. You should also be prepared with a business card. This should state your name, contact information and email address. So, if the client should like to reach you, they'll be able to. And also, you should prepare a leave behind. This is an image of your choice that you leave behind so the client remembers you and your photography. I'm Mimi Janosy, and that's how to present a photography portfolio.