Video transcription

Hi, I'm Bill Connolly, a cartooning expert, and today I'm going to show you how to draw a car. The materials you'll need are, a piece of paper, a pencil, a thick pen and a thin pen for shading. Okay, my first step is going to be to layout just a very simple car; I'm inspired by the Smart car. Look at that. It's only two very basic circles with, I make four tires, one on the other side. And that's about as basic as you can get. My next step, I'm going to take my thick pen and just make, square it off just a little bit. I'm going to make the front window and I'm going to make a back window there, square it off a little bit for the front of the car. Very basic shapes for the tires, one's in the back. Then in the back, I make the rear speed lines, some bumpers there. And then, finally, I'm going to go in and put some shines on the windows. You can put a little guy in there, asleep at the wheel, not recommended, by the way. And then come around, you can add some more, little shines, you can indicate where the doors are. And remember, those are just very simple three circles that we started with. You can go in and black in the tires later on, but I can also make it look like the engine's overheating. And then, add some different shading, you can make a patch right there, and there it is. And that's how to draw a car, I'm Bill Connolly, a cartooning expert, and thanks for watching.