Video transcription

Hi, my name is Ngia Tran, and I'm a coach here at East Bay Badminton Association. Today, we're going to talk about the overhead drop shot. For the overhead drop shot, you will need a birdie, a racket, and a standard course to practice on. To execute the drop shot, in the forehand side, start with the offensive position. meaning your right leg's in the back, the weight of your body is on that leg, and the racket position is up, with your body, with your chest not facing the net but away from it, on a side. From here, as you swing your shot, push your body forward, lock your wrist and extend your arm for a little bit, an as you make contact with the birdie, make sure the contact is above the birdie. Once you get on top of the birdie, make sure to snap your wrist, but not at a very high power. Do not tighten up your arms or muscles, but relax a little so that you can just swing, but without transferring too much power into the birdie. Your goal is to get that birdie close to the net as possible. Once you hit the shot, follow through properly. To do the overhead forehand drop shot, starts by a regular position. To execute the second overhead drop shot, start in the same position. And the birdie is flying towards your backhand side, reach the racket and your arm over your head, like so, in a circle. And from here, your wrist is locked, and you can still get over, on top of the birdie and snap your wrist downward. To do the other overhead drop shot, when it's flying towards your backhand, start in the same position. But as the birdie flies towards the backhand, reach over and do a drop shot like so. And that wraps up the overhead drop shot and the overhead backhand drop shot. My name is Nghia Tran, and I'm a coach here at East Bay Badminton Association. If you'd like to know more about he drop shots, train or even play, feel free to visit is on our web on