Video transcription

Hi, I'm Linda DiSimone, seamstress and designer, and today I'm going to show you how to sew blanket binding. The things you'll need for this project is your blanket, your binding, pins, scissor and a sewing machine. Step one is to go to your fabric store and find the blanket binding that you want to use for your blanket and when you have that, cut it to size, measure all around, all four sides and cut your blanket binding to the size that you're going to use. Okay, step two is to sew on the blanket binding. You may be already dealing with a blanket that you already have and you're just adding the blanket binding on to it or you may be starting from scratch and making your blanket. Either way, make sure that you have all your pieces together and with the blanket binding, separate it. Put one side in the front of your blanket and the other one on the other side and then pin it because we're then going to sew it on and make sure when you're doing your pinning and sewing that you're catching both sides. Now that you have your blanket binding pinned on, step three is to sew it. My name is Linda DiSimone, and thanks for watching this video.