Video transcription

Hello, I'm Courtney Casbar, Professional Freelance Makeup Artist and this is my model Elena. I'm going to demonstrate the correct way to apply concealer. For this demonstration, I'm going to be using moisturizer, moisturizing spray, Cinema Secrets foundation, Eve Pearl concealer, a large and and small foundation brush, a sponge, a puff and finishing powder. First, I'm going to moisturize our model's face. Having well-moisturized skin is key to applying foundation and concealer because any kind of dryness or imperfections and the dryness of the skin are going to make the foundation look terrible. And you want to be liberal with this because if you don't do this step right, the foundation and the concealer won't look as good as they can. Next, I'm going to give her little spray. The spray helps the foundation go on smoothly and it also mix it so you don't have to use as much product. Now, we're going to apply foundation. Although, some people think that you should apply concealer before foundation, that's actually not the right way to go. If you apply the foundation first and then the concealer, you'll know exactly where you do conceal and you'll save your product which will save you money. And of course, I've already matched this to Elena's skin, it's just her color so it sinks right in. Now that her foundation's done, start moving onto the concealer. I'm using Eve Pearl's concealer and I'm going to use the yellow base to color the redness inside her nose and these are spots that most people need concealer. The yellow color neutralizes the red. And now, we're going to correct the under eye and we're going to use this using an orange base concealer which neutralizes the blue and darker tones under the eye, but to be sure to get the eye area next to the nose. Now, we're going to set the look with finishing powder and of course we do this so the makeup stays on and we don't have to worry about rubbing off. I'm Courtney Casbar, this is my model Elena, and I just demonstrated how to properly use concealer. Remember, put the concealer on after you apply the foundation.