Video transcription

Hi, my name is Ana. I'm an art student and origami expert, and today I'm going to show you how to fold a paper monkey. So, for this project you will need a square piece of paper and scissors. Let's go ahead and fold the paper in half, now repeat, creating rectangles now. Now, we're going to collapse by bringing this edge towards this one, same on the other side. Now, we're going to bring these two sides up. Now, we're going to fold this edge towards this edge and we're going to repeat on all four sides. Turn around and repeat. And now, we're going to fold it in half. Okay, we're going to bring this part towards the front, like so and so, this. Now, this is going to be our face, so let's fold it like this and like this, and we're going to do another fold for the legs, and the same kind of reverse fold for the feet. Repeat on the other side, open it and fold backwards. Create the feet. Now, to create the arms, we're going to split this part in half. We're going to cut right through this edge. Now, we're going to create one last one to fold, sorry reverse fold. And there we have our monkey. And that's how you make an origami monkey. I hope you enjoyed that. See you next time.