Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tim and I am here at Camas Bikes here in Camas, Washington. And today we are going to talk about how to know when you need new tires on your road bike. They come in various types. We have the types that have the grooves in them. Mostly for shedding water, so you don't wear it. And racing tires that are just completely smooth. With these tires, generally when the center threads wear away and it's smooth in the middle, it's about time to replace them. But with these, it's kind of hard to tell. So, usually, with the racing tires they will have wear indicators where this red will actually show through, or whenever the center is really, really flat. And you can also take the tires off and feel through them and if they feel really thin in the middle compared to the outside edges, then it's time to replace them. There are other instances where you have the older style bikes. And they generally start to dry rot, that is what we call it. And when this happens you should also replace your tires. Cause they won't hold any pressure for long. They will just rip just through. Some other tires however, are thinner on the sidewalls then others so you really want to make sure that you don't have any cuts or rips in your sidewalls. With a lot of cuts in the tire they accumulate a lot of rocks and if they accumulate a lot of rocks that means they can also accumulate a lot of glass. And other things that will puncture your tire. And all those holes means that that is a thinner spot in your tire. And flats can occur real easily. So, just wipe your tires off after every ride. Make sure you don't have any glass sticking out of them. Make sure your sidewalls are in great shape. And there are a lot of tire sizes, shapes, diameters for riding styles and bicycles so consult your local professional before you go and spend a lot of money on nice tires just to take them home and realize they don't fit your bike or your riding style. Always keep in mind that you want to check the pressure often, usually once every ride for road bikes or every other ride for any kind of hybrid or other mountain bike-style bike. Just to make sure that they don't lose the pressure, you have to have them at the optimal pressure that is located on their sidewall. Recommended pressure on this tire is at 115 pounds and that will give you the best rolling resistance and traction so that you can have a wonderful ride. I'm Tim, and that is how you know when to replace your tires on your road bike.