Video transcription

Hi, I'm Michael Weisner. I'm an Animator, 2D Illustrator and a Graphic Designer, and today I'm going to show you how to draw a monkey in a tree. Let's get started. First, you're going to want to get paper and a writing utensil. Now, I've already roughed out today's image with a light graded pencil just to save time. Alright guys, this is how we're going to start drawing our monkey in a tree. First, I'm going to draw a circle for the head and I'm going to add a chin at the very bottom of it 'cause monkeys have chins. I'm going to draw some ears and a little tuft right here for the hair. And I'm going to add a brow, maybe a little, some eyebrows. And then finally, I'm going to add the eyes. Here we go, and then we're going to start drawing the monkey's body. It's a little small monkey; so we're going to draw a nice, little, small, slender body for him. Add a little belly; belly button. Put down his feet. Extend his arm right here and what I'm going to do is I'm going to draw him with a banana. Alright. The next thing we're going to do is we're going to draw a tree branch that he's sitting on; of the feel that he is in a tree. Alright. I'm going to add his tail over here; sort of curvy tail. Bring that up, start drawing at the tree a bit more. Here we go. And next we're going to add some pupils; not to give him crazy look; I'm going to add a little glare right there so he looks a little happy. Maybe bring out his pupils a bit more. Here we go and done. That's our monkey in the tree. And that's how you draw a monkey in a tree. I hope you enjoyed. I'll see you next time.