Video transcription

Hello, I am Nene Ortega. I am a dance instructor and performer with Let's talk about Salsa Dance steps. Salsa, Salsa comes from the word that means a combination of, means sauce, Salsa in Spanish means sauce in English, created by Fanya All-Stars in the 1970's because it combined the steps from New York and steps from people in Puerto Rico. So, that created a new way to dance the Mambo. So, I would say that Salsa steps are from the Mambo. They come from the Mambo and are evolved into Salsa. Salsa music is eight count, however, we only dance six steps. That's why we count one, two, three, silent four, five, six, seven, silent in eight. So, if you can create a music and the steps, you are going to dance only six steps for the eight count in the rhythm. Salsa, very social. You have different styles. You have LA Style. You have New York Style and also you have the South American Style, what we dance in Columbia and Venezuela and the Caribbean. Each one has its little flavor. It's the same music. Some is faster. The other is slower but it's all based in the eight counts and the six steps. Salsa is very fun. It has evolved from social, Casino Salsa and then Ballroom Salsa. In the Ballroom Salsa the steps are a little bit elongated meaning they have a more, they are more graceful but always with the flavor of the Latin music.