How to Make Broken China Jewelry

Video transcription

My name is Shawn Wilson with Shaviq Designs, and today I'm going to show you how to make broken china jewelry. The materials you'll need are some broken china, a little hammer to hammer it down to the size that you'll need, a piece of wire small enough to make a little bail, a piece of leather to wrap around the back, and some glue, and I like to use a paintbrush to apply. So, the first thing is choose your piece of china and break it down into a nice-sized piece small enough for a necklace, and then I decided to wrap mine with leather. I have some old pieces of leather that are very soft, and so then in order to hang it, you need a small piece of wire and put it right through the leather and then bend these little tabs down, and that's going to give it some stability for your piece. I even like to glue an extra piece of leather over the top of that, just for added strength. Once you have that glued in place, I usually use a paintbrush in my glue to brush the glue around, and then put the china on, keep gluing it around the corners as you go, and then just gently fold up the leather around the china, and then using embroidery scissors, trim the leather as you go. Now that you have your leather glued onto your broken china, you're going to put some string through the little bail that we made on the back. The last step is using your stringing material, tie up some beads around it, around that little loop that we put on the back, and you've now got a great necklace out of broken china. So, this is how you make broken china jewelry.

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