Video transcription

Hi, I'm Shawn Wilson with Shaviq Designs, and today I'm going to show you how to make jewelry out of old coins. The materials you'll need are some old coins. I've chosen some coins from India, 1943. I'm using garnets for the stones today, some beautiful red garnets and then the wire is copper. I've got a 20 gauge copper wire and a 22 gauge copper wire, and then the tools I'll be using, I've got wire cutters, a flat nose and a rosary nose pliers. I start by just giving a little bit of a curl. Start wrapping the wire around, and here's my coin, and to secure this just wrap it around the coin, and I keep wrapping and this is where it just gets fun. You're just doing, this is art, so make it look good, wrap the wire around and through the hole several times, and starting at the top making sure you put in a loop because your loop is what attaches it to the necklace, so keep wrapping. Remember that you have added a loop and just string it around. It's like tying a knot, and making it look pretty as you go; and I usually stop and then put another curl at the top and at the bottom, like I've done on this one. The little curls add a lot, so, but I especially like the copper wire. You could also do it with the silver-colored wire, either sterling wire, or there's lots of different wires available. I like the look of copper. Now that we have our coin secure in the wire, the next step, another piece of 22 gauge copper wire, and my favorite tools again, and just a little bit of a loop to dangle the coin from, and this is where you'll need a second pair of pliers; and these little guys will help wrap it around and it's like making a knot. You're tying a knot. Now that we have our coins wrapped it's time to work on the middle piece and I'm using a donut that is brecciated jasper, and I'm going to wrap a 20 gauge wire around it to suspend it as it is not a drilled stone; and there's a little term for this called cold soldering. We're not going to solder anything on to the stone, we're just wire wrapping it on. So, as we're wrapping the wire around the stone create a loop using your tools and that is what will run either the chain or the silk ribbon through around your donut, your gem stone donut is just to keep wrapping it around until you have made like a bail at the top. Repeat that again to create a bail on the bottom to hang your three coins off of. The last step is to finish your piece with either a chin or a ribbon, or this is a silk cord. So, cut it the length you desire. For this particular project, I think I did it at an 18-inch length and I use these little tab ends, one on each end of it to secure it and then it's ready to put through your loop and finish it up. So, this is what my finished product looked like. I had done this one in amethyst and copper with the three coins at the bottom. And so, this is the finished product. This is how you make a necklace with coins.