Video transcription

Hello, I'm Elizabeth Bachner. I am a Licensed Midwife, Certified Professional Midwife and a Licensed Acupuncturist. And today I'm just going to chat about how to terminate a pregnancy naturally. So, as an Acupuncturist, there are specific points in the body that we do not use while the woman is pregnant. And the reason for that is because they provide a lot of energy or a lot of chi moving downwards, and you can actually cause the fetus to be aborted. There are also some herbs that can cause this to happen. I'm not going to name here what the herbs are or what the points are because it's really important that you don't do this alone. It's really important that you talk to a care provider about this and come up with a plan. So, I want to encourage you to talk to a complementary therapist and come up with a plan together about how to do that.