Video transcription

My name is Melissa Brown. I'm a Massage Therapist and Educator. You can find me at I'm going to be showing you how to massage legs for a better circulation. You will need a massage table. You will need massage oil. I'm going to be using a drop; literally, a drop of massage oil. You can get massage oil at any convenient store, literally, nowadays. I rub it on my hands, but very little; maybe three times and that's it. I'm starting with the part of the leg that is closest to the heart. If I massage the lower part of the leg, if there's any type of stagnation, all I'm going to be doing is adding onto that stagnation. So, starting with the upper part of the leg, and I'm going down to spread the oil. But, I'm moving up here with my hands together almost in a V shape, and I'm going on both sides of the leg and I'm pressing. I'm pushing with my feet; I'm not using my arms. I'm keeping my arms at a very good semi-lock position and I'm just pushing with my legs. Then, I'm going down to the lower part of the leg and then I'm doing the whole leg. This is called effleurage and all this is doing is moving the fluids that are stagnant in our legs. And by doing this at a very good, very good rhythm, we're not doing it too fast; not too slow, not too slow; then it's going to be very relaxing for the person that's on the table. Don't stay just on one, one side; like not on the top; not on the side. So, I try and get the whole leg, the whole leg. When I'm coming back down again, I try and get the whole, whole leg including the front part in coming back. My name is Melissa Brown. Thanks again for watching.