Video transcription

Hello my name is Kevin Votta with Bettery Body Fitness. I'm the head trainer and MAT Specialist here in Tampa Bay, Florida and today we're going to be talking to you about how to remove apron belly fat. That's going to be the little area right, located directly below the belly button that area we kind of refer to as muffin top that hangs out over our pants. We're going to be talking to you about removing that today. Some of the things that you will need to remove the apron belly fat would be an exercise mat or even a medicine ball or some type of counterweight. And now we're going to talk to you about some of the exercises you can do to get rid of some of that apron belly fat around your mid section. I've got Kristen here to demonstrate for us today and we're going to start with a crunch. Kristen go ahead and extend that ball straight up towards the ceiling. Now what I am going to have Kristen do is go straight up for me and breath all that air out of her midsection, good and back down and you're going to rest and then back up and you're going to pause at the top, back down, great. We're just going to do one more. Nice deep breath out, squeeze all that air, good and back down. Great, go ahead and relax Kristen and that's just one example of some of the exercises or one of the exercises you can do to target that area that we typically refer to as apron belly fat. This again has been a how to tip on how to remove apron belly fat.