Video transcription

Hello, and welcome. My name is Sifu Cody Davis from PV House of Karate, located in Prescott Valley, Arizona, U.S.A., and I'm here today to show you how to spin a bo staff. Equipment necessary for this demonstration: a bo staff. Your bo staff should generally be about the same height you are. Make sure it fits firmly in your hand. Step one: learning to control your bo staff. Starting with an over-under grip firmly in the center of your bo staff, I want you to allow your bo staff to twist into the tiger's jaw of your hand--your thumb and forefinger--catching it in the opposite hand thumb and forefinger, and continuing the motion in the same direction. Hands meeting opposite and same. Continue to do this at your comfortable pace. Slowly add speed as you go. Step two: Now we're going to advance from spinning our bo staff into a forward figure eight. Step three: keeping in line with our continual motion, we're going to take our forward figure eight and reverse it into a reverse figure eight. Begin with your forward figure eight. Keeping the staff moving in the continuous same direction, turn your body in the opposite direction for a reverse figure eight. Step four: completing your circle. We're now going to advance from your reverse figure eight--where you were. Keeping in line with continual motion, you're going to step back, allowing the bo staff to spin the same direction, back to square one. Put all three together and you've successfully completed your circle. My name is Cody Davis from PV House of Karate, and that's how you spin a bo staff.