Video transcription

Hi, I'm David Dubail and I'm a personal trainer at Let's talk a little bit about hip alignment exercises because hip alignment is one of the most important things seniors can do for themselves. It's really the center of the whole body. It controls your walking, your balance. It will relate to whether you have ankle problems, knee problems if your hips aren't aligned. So, we really want to work on that. One of the best exercises that you can do is laying down on your side bringing your knee up, your leg up, your foot to your knee and then rotating it open. So, squeezing the glute and opening up the knee. We want to do this anywhere from ten to thirty reps. It's something you're going to build up to. It's important to do and then once you hit that, you're going to want to flip onto the other side and do the exact same thing. Exercise is called the clan. It's great for strengthening and stabilizing the muscle. What you want to remember, as we get older, one of the places that get the weakest on us is our hips. They get weak for several reasons. One we've been sitting down a lot. It gets a lot of pressure. So, it becomes a weaker, weaker point. It's not something that's really worked on or exercised to a great degree. There's very few exercises that really hit it and strengthen it. So, we really want to try to develop that and if you can do that, it's hopefully going to prevent you from getting hip alignment and a whole bunch of other health problems that can revolve around that.