Video transcription

Hi, I'm David Dubail and I'm a personal trainer at In this clip I'm going to give you some leg exercises for seniors. You'll need a chair. The first one would be chair squats. This is probably the best exercise you can do for your legs and lower body development, keep you strong, fit and functional. Just sit back like you're sitting in a chair because you are. You are going to stand up. Do not go like this, just imagine you are sitting down in a chair and then pop up. Chest up, shoulders back, and another exercise you can do, you want to shoot for about 20 reps on that. You'll probably start with anywhere from 5 to 10 and eventually you'll hit 20 and that means you are in good condition. Another one you can do to develop your hip strength, you pull your knee straight up and you come down, pull your knee straight up and then you can add a kick and that will develop the glute too. This is Dave Dubail. Thanks for watching.