Video transcription

Hello, my name is Conan Elliott and I'm Director of Instruction here at Camas Meadows Golf Club in Camas, Washington. Today we're going to talk about the basics of a golf swing. The materials we need for this is, naturally, a golf ball and a golf club. That's all we need. And I want to bring up just as we start here, I'm going to do a quick synopsis of those, but you really need to get to your golf professional and learn these, and learn them so that they fit your particular body style. The basics all starts with the grip. That's how we put our hands on the golf club, so that our hands, the back of our hand matches the face of our hand, or the face of the golf club. If I put my hands upside down, then I don't have my hands matching where the face is. So, the club lays in the fingers up across the back of the hand, thumb down the middle, two knuckles showing to my eyesight. And the fingers of my right hand cover, form a V, so that this palm is facing toward the target, this hand is facing toward the target. That's the basics of the grip. Second, with the basic, would be our posture. Our posture is that we, we bend at the hip, with our butt out, and we do not bend in the back. So, we want to stick our rear end out, let our arms hang under our face, a little tiny bit of knee flex, not a squat, little tiny knee flex, a bend at the back, at the hip with my back straight. Next basic would be alignment, where I aim the club. So, I want my club face at the target where I want it to go, and I want my body along a parallel line. So, I get my grip, my alignment and my posture; I've got about fifty percent of this licked right now. The next basic would be my weight distribution. So, once I get my good grip, my posture, and my stance, then I want a little tilt to the right so that my right eye is over my right thigh, my weight is more here. So, when I take my backswing my weight is to the right side. And the next basic would be the path at which I take the club back. That would be my big muscles starting to turn as I take it away. Until the club is about on a line with my feet, then I want to lift and set the club in a paused position at the top. Once I've set that paused position at the top, where I've got my grip, my stance, my alignment, and my posture, and my weight, I just turn, set the club in a pause position, drop. Once I drop, I turn my hips and rotate. Pause, drop, rotate, finish. Finish will be straight left leg, I call it posting. We want to post in, balance left leg, right leg up, arm across to the finish. So, real quick, grip, alignment, posture, tilt, turn, pause, drop, rotate, finish. This is Conan Elliott, and that's the basics of a golf swing.