Video transcription

Hello, my name is Conan Elliott and I'm Director of Instruction here at Camas Meadows Golf Club in Camas, Washington. Today we're going to talk about how to slow down a golf backswing. So, the tools we need for this are literally a golf club. You could use a ball or you could practice it without a ball, but what you really got to have is a golf club to learn to do it. Slow backswing, well there's too slow and there's too fast. The too fast swings and most people are too fast on the backswing, because we're using our little fast muscles. The fastest joint in your body is your wrist. Second would be your shoulders and your arms. So, if your wrist and your arms are involved in your backswing, then the tendency's going to be for you to go very fast. Your slower muscles are your bigger muscles, your shoulders, your torso and your hips. So, if I get my big muscles to move with my little muscles quieter, my back swing automatically slows down. So if I have a hands in motion or a hands and an arms in motion I get these very fast backswings. I get a lifting action, extremely hard to control the golf club that way. But when I get my big muscles to work, my turning of my big muscles, my shoulders, keeping my hands and my arms quiet, my backswing slows down and I get a more rhythmatic type of golf swing. So, I want my big muscles to start it, not my hands and my arms, but my big muscles. The big muscles to turn and I get a very rhythmatic, slower motion. Remember, too slow wouldn't be a good thing either. I could go so slow that I'd have to suddenly gain speed coming down. So, I'm looking rhythm, just a smooth flowing turning of the big muscles in a very rhythmatic manner. This is Conan Elliott, and that's how to slow down a backswing in golf.