Video transcription

Okay, another thing to choose, to think about when choosing your glasses is what kind of lens options are you going to put on your lenses, what kind of coatings are you going to use? I have on my glasses, these Jicudo frames what is called an anti-reflective coating, when you look at it, it has maybe a little bit of a greenish hue, but what it does for you is when I’m looking to take a picture for instance and the bulb flashes, I don’t, when they take a picture they don’t get the reflection of the lights on the camera from the flash. So you can see directly into my eyes, it diffuses light so it reduces eyestrain as well. So these glasses do have the anti-reflective coating on them, I’m going to show you a pair that doesn’t. This German frame is just straight off the shelf and it obviously does not have anti-reflective coating on it, you’re going to get a backwash or reflection when you don’t have the anti-reflective coating. Lights may bother you at night when headlights are reflecting of the surfaces, let’s say a wet street, maybe even another car. It’s and so it’s not only in the static feature, a nice feature for making the glasses look nicer, but it also does serve, serve a purpose in reducing light, reducing eyestrain on the computer, better night vision and that’s why you should have anti-reflective coating.