Video transcription

If it's time for a new bicycle saddle, this is Christian from Mellow Johnny's. I'm going to go ahead and show you how to install that new saddle. The materials you'll need to change a bicycle saddle will be generally a 6-millimeter Allen wrench, or a 14-millimeter open end box end wrench. First you'll need to remove the old saddle, and this application requires a 6-millimeter Allen wrench. You'll basically loosen that bolt and then you can rotate this head here, remove the old saddle, install the new more comfortable saddle. And when installing a saddle you'll definitely want to double check your seat height or your leg extension and one of the things you'll want to do, once the saddle is mounted on the bicycle and the bicycle is back on the ground. You'll want to take a level or you can eyeball it and make sure that saddle is basically level or as close to level and that'll give you a good range or a good idea of where your correct saddle position is. There's basically two standards, basically two standards of seat clamp styles. This one particular is a 6-millimeter Allen wrench, the other most common size is this one here, found on most children's bikes or department store bikes and it requires a 14-millimeter wrench. And that is how you install a bicycle saddle.