Video transcription

Hi, I'm Dennis Mandragona, chef at Porters Neck Country Club. Today we're going to cut fruit for arrangements. You will need cookie cutters, any size (any shape or size, it doesn't matter, it's whatever you like), a paring knife, serrated knife for cutting the melon (works really well, bamboo skewers (these are 6 inch, you can get 10 inch, 12 inch), a melon for sticking them in, and a cutting board. Cut our round pieces, you can get four. Cookie cutters are really simple, they work really well. Just push it right through, and then break away what's not the star. You can leave that on, or take a paring knife to cut it off. You want to make like a little decoration in there, skewers, get another melon, and stick it in there, like that. If you want, you get scallion, cover this bamboo skewer with scallion. The heart, same thing with the heart. You know, you mix and match, cantaloupe, honeydew. Just cut it like a little star into it. The cookie cutters work well. That's how ya cut fruit for an arrangement. I'm Dennis Mandragona, chef at Porters Neck Country Club.