Video transcription

Hi, I'm Allison Scott with Allieflower, and this is how to arrange flowers in a square vase. Materials you'll need are a dozen roses and filler flowers, some greenery, a square vase, water, and floral clippers. First you'll pour water in to the vase. You'll fill it a little over half way full. You'll use your greenery, you'll cut different pieces, and you want it to kind of drape over the side of the vase. You'll pull off the green leaves that will be in the water, so there won't be any. You'll do that so you have a collar that goes all the way around the vase. When you have your greenery around, you'll start with your roses. You'll take your first rose, it'll come with greenery on it, you'll clip off, or pinch off the bottom leaves, and it will also have what are called guard petals, the petals that are protecting the inside of the rose, and you'll just lightly pinch those off as well, so you have a very pretty rose. The first thing you'll do is measure how tall you need your rose. With a vase that's about six inches, like this one, you'll want it to be about, the tallest flower to be about six inches above that. So, your entire arrangement will be about a foot tall. So you'll kind of guess as to where you'll need to cut your rose, and you'll cut it about right here, and your first rose will go right in the center. With a square vase, you'll have your center rose, and then you'll start with a rose in each corner, that way you can establish that it is a square vase. As you put your roses in your vase, you'll fill in empty holes where you haven't put a rose yet. Let's see, right here, I have a hole. Make sure you take your guard petals off, and then you'll stick your rose in. We have our last rose to put in, and we have one hole left to fill, right here. Stick it in right there. You're almost finished, you'll just take a couple pieces of your greenery that have a little bit longer of a stem, and you'll fill in just a few of the holes that you'll have left in the open spaces for your arrangement. Now that you have your roses in the square vase, you'll add your filler flowers. You'll take them, they come in a bunch, you'll want to cut that down to fit in, and in the spaces that you have left, you'll stick flowers. They're called filler flowers because they fill the spaces that the big flowers, like your roses, don't fill in. You'll stick a few in. I'm Allison Scott with Allieflower, and that's how you arrange flowers in a square vase.