Video transcription

Hi! I'm Allison Scott with Allieflower and this is how to make a floral arrangements with carnations. Materials you'll need, carnations, greenery, floral tape, floral scissors, a container, wet foam oasis, and a knife. First step for making your arrangements with carnations is take your pre-soaked floral oasis, comes in a block this size. You'll just hold it up to your container. And using your knife, make a mark of where you want to cut it. You'll cut your oasis, take your excess, you'll take your block, you'll stick it in your container. You'll take your anchor tape. You want to secure it in so as to make sure your arrangement doesn't fall out of your container. I'll just do two right across the top. Make sure when you're cutting your tape, you just go right to the edge. You don't want it down here so it'll show when your flowers are in the container. You'll start with your first carnation. It'll come long stem like this. You're only going to need about two to three inches of stem so you'll cut everything else off. You'll take your carnation. It's a little bit close and you can just push each edge of each petal to kind of open it up more, and then you'll start right on the corner. You'll stick your flower into the oasis where it barely covers the edge. You'll do this all the way around. Put your last flower in, to cover your edges and then you start with your top. Again opening the petals up to make it as full of a flower as you can get. You just start filling in at the top. You'll just peek your hands in, stick that last one in the foam. You have your arrangement done. Now you'll take the pieces of your greenery. You can lift your petals up and just tuck those little pieces in so they kind of hang down. I'm Allison Scott with Allieflower and that's how you make a floral arrangement with carnations.