Video transcription

Hi! I'm Allison Scott with Allieflower, and today we're going to make a flower arrangement using artificial flowers. Materials you'll need are silk flowers, wire cutters, a container, dry foam oasis, and tape. In making the arrangement, the first thing you'll do is cut the foam to fit your container. The foam usually comes in a block this size. You'll place it in and kind of measure, mark a thin line with your knife. You'll cut the foam, you'll gently place the foam in the container, and tape it using the anchor tape. A cross-section of tape is usually best, that way it will stay in securely. You won't have to worry about your silk flowers or the foam coming out of the container. When you're ready to put your flowers in the container. You'll start with your largest flowers first, cutting them about three to four inches from the base of the flower. You'll have excess leaves at the bottom, you'll just strip those down. You'll stick your first flower in the foam to the height that you want the flower arrangement. The taller you make the flower, the wider your arrangement will be. You'll fill in using the rest of your flowers, cutting at your different angles. To be able to figure out how long you need your stem to be, you can place it where you want it and measure, so you have about three inches of stem going into the foam. As you fill up one side, you'll just rotate your container around and you'll fill the other side. After you filled in your container with your silk flowers, you can kind of look and see and I notice right there that I have a small hole where I miss a spot. Take your extra flowers, you'll just stick it in right there the base of the container. I'm Allison Scott with Allieflower and that's how you make a floral arrangement with artificial flowers.