Video transcription

I'm Angie Jiles with Blue Note Bakery in Austin, Texas and this is how you make chocolate cake decorations. The materials you'll need are modeling chocolate or Tootsie Rolls, a spatula and a bowl scraper that has a tapered side. So the first thing I'm going to do I kind of warm up the modeling chocolate with my hands and then I roll it out into a nice even log then I'm going to cut thirteen little pieces of modeling chocolate and you'll line them up on the edge of the table, you need to have it on the edge of a table. The first piece, this is going to be the bud. You roll it into a teardrop form and lay it flat. So what I'm doing I'm pressing down and let one side get nice and fat while the other side is skinny, putting pressure at this point right here on the chocolate to squish it out. Then you take the scraper, start at the fat end and scrape each one of these guys up and you find your nicest biggest one. We're going to hide this little tear drop so you just twist it around and you make your bud. Then from here we find three petals, kind of pinch the bottom a little bit and then curl back the sides all going in the same direction. We're going to take it and tuck it underneath that first little lip and go part way around and we take our next one underneath, just tuck it underneath, then our third one, squeeze the ends a little bit and you have got a nice tight little rose bud. So then the last eight pieces we're going to do all the same way. You pinch the bottom a little bit and then you're going to come back from the other side and turn each one of those petals out, alright. So then we take our first three petals just like before but you want to kind of overlap them nice and tight, then we start with our next round which is the give and you go in between those two petals and then overlap just a little bit going back to your beginning and at this point you have a kind of blobbish-looking rose but it's not finished and our second to last step is you pinch and turn and we take our spatula and we cut the bottom off. To make the leaves you take that extra piece from the bottom and make a couple of little what we call carrots and then you do the squish, put in the veins and then attach those to your rose. I'm Angie with Blue Note Bakery in Austin, Texas and that's how you make chocolate cake decorations.