Video transcription

Hi I'm Angie at Blue Note Bakery in Austin, Texas and this is how you make icing decorations. So the materials you'll need is a pastry bag with a tip, icing, in this case it's royal icing which is egg whites and powdered sugar, little silver dragees and a cake. We are marking each spot of where the strings are going to start and end and we're going to do a nice scalloped border. Pull out from the cake, let the string drop a little and then come back to the point that was marked, start in the same point, come out, let it drop a little into a point. The next step is putting a point of icing in between each of the original points and then starting again with the string work, overlapping. From that point you can just keep going and adding more and more lace work until you get to a point where it looks the way you have been trying to achieve and finish your icing decoration by putting little silver dragees on each of those points. I'm Angie with Blue Note Bakery in Austin, Texas and that's how you make icing decorations.