Video transcription

Hi I am Erica, I am in Atlanta, Georgia, and I want to talk to your today about how to stimulate cognitive development in infants. There are many things that you can do. Number one is just playing with your baby in general. Playing with them, showing them toys, you can show them toys that make sounds like this, and then you can also there is little Einstein videos, and little baby videos they can watch too where it is for infants that try to stimulate the brain, and their mind. Your goal is to stimulate their mind, and stimulate them. Another thing is to give them toys that have black and whites. Babies love looking at black and white pictures, and that really stimulates their brain. Cognitive development in infants is more of just stimulating their brain, new parts of their brain by showing them different kinds of pictures, like black and white pictures, and let them feel things. Different things that they learn how to do like they look at their hands, suck on their hands, kick their feet. That all stimulates a new part of their brain, and your goal is in stimulating their brain is by showing them new things.