Video transcription

I'm Brian Bussemey from Cowboy Harley Davidson of Austin. We''ll be removing, installing and engine guard. First off we want to remove our lower mounting bolts. These are pretty tight. Remove them on both sides. Now we need to remove our top mount. An engine guard is on the motorcycle to protect you from very low speed slides and falling over in the parking lot. It will not protect you from anything else. It is more or less a finish protector for the motorcycle, to keep the fenders and the fuel tanks off the ground if you do fall over. Once we get this upper mounting bolt off, the engine guard is free to fall off. Sometimes they can be pretty heavy so you need to hold on to them to remove our upper mounting bolt and remove our engine guard. Slide it out the side of the bike and watch out for the front fender. That's our engine guard. Going back together, make sure we clean our surfaces, slide it in, watch out for the fender, line up our upper mounting hole, install our bolt, a washer and our nut. Just leave them loose for now. We want to install our lower mounting points. You might have to bend the guard to get it to line up. We want to make sure our mount tabs are inside the frame. We want to install our lower bolt. We want to install our second lower mounting bolt. You might have to move the guard around to get the holes to line up. Shove it through. We've got to put our nut on the back side. O.k., you need to tighten our lower mounting bolt, actually we just need to snug it. We're going to tighten our top bolt first. We just need to get these in and snug. We need to snug our left side. We install our nut. You need to snug the lower mounting nut. Now we need to tighten our top mounting nut. Now we can go ahead and fully tighten the top nut and tighten our lower mounting bolts. You need to make sure we get these good and snug, in case the motorcycle does fall over, all of the weight of the bike is on this guard. I'm Brian Bussemey of Cowboy Harley Davidson of Austin. That is how we replace a motorcycle engine guard.