Video transcription

Hi, I'm Ron Chase with located in Pahrump, Nevada. This is my shop, come on in. I'm going to demonstrate how to clean an HP ink jet printer. The surface of the printer can be cleaned with any kind of damp cloth, Windex, paper towel. But the interior needs to be cleaned with compressed air only. When you do clean areas like the paper tray and the inside of the printer, it can also be blown out with a can of compressed air. You can also clean the print heads of an ink jet printer. For most of the printers you simply remove a cartridge and reinsert the cartridge. It will force the printer in to a basic clean cycle. You can now have a printer going through its cleaning cycle. If you find that you want to do a more thorough print head cleaning, please refer to HP's website or your owner's manual for which buttons to press on the front of your printer to do a thorough head cleaning.