Video transcription

Hi, I'm Tracy Prentiss from Montague, Massachusetts, and I am going to show you how to make a greeting card on Microsoft Word 2007. Word has available in it a number of templates for greeting cards that will give you a head start. In Word go to your office menu button and choose new. This will display a new document dialog box. In the list of templates at the left scroll down until you see greeting cards and click on it. This will give you the different categories of cards you can create. I am going to make a thank-you card. When I click on the thank you category all the different thank you cards that are available are displayed. I look through until I find one that I'm pleased with, I click on it, and then I click the button marked download. This will open up a document based on this template that I can work with. The greeting card templates automatically are set up so that you can fold them in half and then in half again and have a card with text on both the outside and on the inside as such but you will find that some of the text is upside down. You can change any of the text you want by selecting it typing in your replacement and you are good to go. You may also highlight anything that you don't like or the appearance of and change the appearance, change the font, change the colors, whatever you like. When you're done with your card and you are pleased with how it looks you are ready to save and print. That is how to make a greeting card in Microsoft word.