Video transcription

Hey everybody I'm Brooke Burke with Modern Mom and I'm here with Cyvia Lewis and Lisa Rosenblatt, and today we're talking about breastfeeding in public. Big, big, big issue. Now I don't know about both of you, but when you're a new mom everything is a little uncomfortable and you're much more careful and you're, you know, everything is a bit foreign. I feel like by the time I got to baby number four, you just sort of do what you need to do as a mother. What's your take on breast feeding in public. Well I have three and with the first one I think that I just, I put so much pressure on myself as a mom to breastfeed solely, to well everyone else, was breastfeeding. I didn't want to be the mom that you know, sat in Costco breastfeeding her children where you could see everything, so I didn't want to be that mom and I was trying to cover up so much that I think I kind of, I stayed inside my house and breastfed on the same spot in the house. So it actually kept you from going in public because you were so uncomfortable to do it in public. Wow, oh I'm sorry that you had to go through that. What about you Lisa? Well I have three children and with my first son I knew I wanted to be out and about, but I knew I didn't want to feel. I wasn't as comfortable just sitting on a bench like in the middle of the mall you know, covering up a little bit so I used to go in the dressing rooms of a clothing store and I would take in a blouse and sort of pretend I was going to be trying on a blouse and a dress and then I would nurse in there for about 15 minutes. So I was a little incognito hiding but with my second son I was so comfortable with it. It just came pretty natural so I would get something like this I used to wear. Recently in the last decade there has been so many things in fashion to really help moms and make parenting more convenient, thus the breast feeding smock. Want to try it on? Yea, sure so this just simply goes over your head, the beauty about this is this is wire so you can actually see your child so you don't feel like they are completely tented and you can just very subtly breast feed your baby no matter where you are. One of the things that I did that I thought was a little bit more hip was I would wear one of those tube top shawls, really roomy, pop the baby under there, nobody could see anything personal but I could still do what I needed to do. You know, we do the best we can, but. You could be breastfeeding. You could probably with the top I'm wearing today I could be breast feeding right now, you'd never know. You have got to do what you have got to do.