Video transcription

Hi, I'm Melissa Seykora with A Village of Flowers, here in Nashville, Tennessee. We're going to give you a little inside look into some of the arrangements that we make every day. The first one I'm going to start with is a round bouquet and I'm going to use hydrangea as a base. We take all the foliage off that's going to be down in the water and I'm also using a round bubble bowl base to help with that round shape. I'm going to add some hydrangea around the edges. This is a mini-green hydrangea. It's going to open up really pretty and add a longer vase life. So I'm going to pop in these spray roses for some color inside the flowers of the hydrangea and going to cut these down. Take off the foliage. Just going to pop those in all throughout the bouquet to add interest and color. The spray roses are great because there's so many blooms that come on one stem. And then we're going to add a hot fuchsia Gerber daisy. It's really a big happy flower. This is a great summer arrangement with really bright colors. It's good to turn your flowers to make sure you're making an even, round bouquet. And then we're going to add the really bright, pretty sunflowers. It's a lot easier if you cut the stems shorter. So we'll keep turning our arrangement and look at all the sides before we cut them all off. So now I match it up to the vase, and I cut all the stems really short so we can see all of the tops of the flowers. And we'll take this wire and bind all the stems together. Kind of like an old fashioned mosque. So now we have a really beautiful arrangement of spray roses, hydrangea, and Gerber daisies. This will look great on a table top for any sort of gathering, maybe just to brighten someones day. There you go!