Video transcription

Hi my name is Bill Barney. I'm with Community Dish in Pahrump, Nevada. I'm an SBCA licensed installer. That's Satellite Broadcast Communications Association. And I'd like to help you with your satellite installation. You'll get the actual elevation angle at the point dish screen. When you are programming the TV remote to the TV. A quick easy way to do it is called the channel or code scan method. You take and you hold the TV mode button down till all the other three mode buttons light up. When you let up the TV mode button will be flashing. Push the power button once to stop it from flashing then the channel up button repeatedly until the TV shuts off. Once the TV is shut off you want to push the pound sign to lock that code in and then the power button to see if the TV will turn back on. Now we are going to change the TV to channel 3 and we have the point dish screen on the television which is exactly what we wanted to see. So now we've got to move the highlighter from cancel to peak angles. We are going to do that by pressing the channel up button on the remote. Once we are on peak angles we are going to use the select button the round button on the middle of the remote to select peak angles. When we are at peak angles you can see that we have a place that enters our zip code. You can also see that we've got a place for Azimuth angle, elevation angle and skew. Right now they are all non applicable because we don't have our zip code in yet. We are going to move the white highlighter over to the zip code box. And now with the remote we are going to type in the zip code. Once we have the zip code typed in, the highlighter moves back to cancel and we have our azimuth angles 164, elevation angle of 47 and the skew of 89. Eighty-nine is so close to ninety that you can leave it on ninety if you like or if you are a perfectionist you can pull at that one degree to make it 89. Most important you can azimuth of 164 and the elevation of 47.