Video transcription

Hi my name is JD Stubenberg. I'm one of the bar managers here at Jimmy Mak's Jazz Club in Portland Oregon and today we're going to be talking about making a lemon drop, specifically a version of the lemon drop called a Raspberry Lemon Drop. The fundamentals of a Lemon Drop are fairly simple and then you can add different things into it to make different cocktails. So today we're going to start out with your basics. Get your mixing glass out. We're going to start out with two cubes of sugar and get some sweetness going in this drink. Here at Jimmy Mak's, we don't use straight lemon juice when making these drinks, we use a mixture of lemon juice and orange juice but for exact measurements it's actually one ounce of lemon juice to three quarters of an ounce of OJ. So in this case you're going to be using about two ounces total of mixture basically enough to cover your sugar cubes. Get that going there. Alrighty, now take your muddler out and we're going to crush up that sugar because you want the sugar to be as broken down as possible so that when you shake it it will dissolve easily. O'kay, now we're going to jump ahead a step here real quickly and we're going to get this glass ready to take this drink. Because we're making a lemon oriented drink here we're going to rim this glass in lemon and then add sugar to the exterior of that, make sure to shake away the extra sugar off your martini shell, otherwise, it will fall all over the place and make a big mess. So let's get lots of ice, always lots of ice, that's a great way to make a good drink. Now we're going to start out here with a citron or citrus oriented Vodka. This is real important, a lot of bars, people will cheat just using a regular old Vodka. That's o'kay and you can get away with it. Unless you have got a really good palate you're probably going to have a hard time telling but if you really want to make the drink correctly you want to use some sort of a citrus Vodka. Here at Jimmy Mak's we use Absolute Citron. Some places you might see Smirnoff. You might see other citrus oriented Vodkas as well and there is lots of variations that go along with that as well. You could use a Blueberry Vodka, you could use Orange Vodka and you have different kind of flavors that are going to come out but the basic ingredient here is going to be a citrus Vodka so we're going to use Absolute Citron which we are almost out of unfortunately but that's o'kay. Just enough there to make that work. Now we are going to add a little bit of Triple Sec to this for more sweetener because drinks can never be sweet enough for Americans. Now the next big trick here is how do you make this raspberry. Well we are going to add what we call Chambord to this. Chambord is a framboise which is basically a raspberry liquor. You can also see something like Chateau Monet or there's other cheaper versions as well. They work fine but if you really want to get the real deal use the Chambord. A little bit goes a long way though. You only need about a half an ounce of this puppy in there and it will carry that drink because it is very very intense in flavor. O'kay, get your cocktail tin on top of here, get a good seal. Don't break it on top of yourself because that's embarrassing. Shake well, alrighty. Strain this up and again since we have worked with lemon all through this cocktail we're going to garnish this with a lemon as well and there you have a Raspberry Lemon Drop. Now there's lots of variations you can do with this and here at Jimmy Mak's what we like to do is to play around instead of using lemon juice we'll use lime juice and in using lime juice that changes the flavor structure a little bit and we end up kind of coming up with a drink that we call a Razzatini. It's wonderful as well. Try experimenting with that one at home and again you can use other sorts of different flavoring agents in lemon drops. You can use different kinds of infused Vodkas that will impart different flavors, Blueberry Vodka is really wonderful. You can use a Raspberry based Vodka in this if you are really a raspberry fan and go over the top and that's wonderful as well. But experiment with it at home and have some fun with it. This is a great drink and it is really great for the Summer time especially. So enjoy.