Video transcription

Hi, this is Deborah Quinn with the Pastry Swan Bakery in Palm Dessert, California, today we're going to show you some ideas for making a Topsy Turvy cake. What we're going to do is a Topsy Turvy cake, which is basically going to be a crooked cake. A very easy to make crooked cake, anybody can do it. This cake, because we've started off a little too straight, we're going to make it crooked. And I've chosen a carrot cake, just because it's going to be a little dense, a little heavier that any kind of cake will work, any type of fillings. What I'm going to do is, I'm going to just stop, start on the top and take a little it off. But I'm going to angle it at a crooked pace there, so you can see that as a little crooked there. I'm going to turn this, flip this over, I'm first going to put a little bit of a frosting. This is just a simple butter cream here that I have in this bag. And it's going to be just a glue, we already have our fillings of cream cheese in there, so we're going to just put a little bit of frosting. What I'm going to do is, I'm going to turn this cake around and put it back on, so that we actually have it give it more of a diagonal. So what I did, I took a piece off of it, crooked, turned it around and gave this a higher base. And so next what we want to do is, we want to make it a little bit more lop sided. It is definitely a crooked cake, as you can see. We are also going to take a little bit off the edge. So if you're going to make a cake with a certain amount of servings, what you want to do is, bake the cake a little bit bigger. So that when you actually take a little bit of cake off, you're till going to get the servings that you want. So I'm tilting the knife end just a little bit, so that I can make this as well, a little bit crooked on the bottom. So now, not only do we have a crooked shape on the top, we have an angled shape on the side there, as well. So getting very crooked there. We're going to give this a quick icing and give it some color and then I'll show very simple ways to decorate this Topsy Turvy, we also call Mad Hatter. So anything goes, any kind of color, is going to make this fun. Then we're going to give it just a thin coat of frosting on the outside, not only for taste benefit, but as well to make the European rolled fondant that we're going to place on the outside of this cake, stick to it as well. This bag is what we call our easy icer, it's just a very flat tip there, and keep that crooked look on there. So while he's coating that in a nice blue color, I've taken some chocolate fondant. Or you can do just a brown colored fondant, or any other color that you want to do. And I'm going to just cut out, I'm going to cut out some strips, put a little bit of water on there, so the fondant sticks with fondant. And start at the top and just follow my line of water that I've got going there. Once we put a message on here, it's just simply use a little square pieces of fondant that we've made ahead of time to set up a little bit. Make our favorite little ball decorations, which is just going to be really fun in there. We're also going to give it just some dots all around in the blue spots here. This is our Topsy Turvy cake, like I said, anybody can make a crooked cake. And those were ideas for some Topsy Turvy cakes from the Pastry Swan Bakery.