Video transcription

Hello, my name is Crystal Nassar with Tuscany Florist in Rancho Mirage, California and I'm going to show you how to make a boutonniere. I've chosen to use the Green Cymbidium Orchids. You can coordinate with the girls bouquets and they're very economical because you can get a lot of boutonnieres out of one stem. So I've cut a bloom off of my stem; they're very sturdy out of water. They're, they're great to use. And I've got my wire, I've cut with my wire cutters to a; let's cut in a little bit shorter. Okay. I'm only going to need one wire and I'm going to try to get in the center of this wire and just use my finger; I'm just bending it over with my finger. And so the stems are as even as possible because now I'm going to go through the bloom. I'm going to use my, my judgment here and go through the center of the bloom without breaking the flower. This is going to hold the boutonniere. So I'm gently just pushing it through; try to get it on the sides of the stem. You don't want both pieces of wire coming out on the same side because the whole idea is to hold the bloom with the wire. So I've put it through; make sure it's perfect here; okay. Pull it through; you don't want to pull it too deep because you don't want to break through the stem. You just want to pull it deep enough so it won't show on the pictures. Your, you don't want your mechanics to show. And next I'm going to use a floral, green floral tape. It's not sticky on both sides like regular tape; it's just that; it's tape for stems and you pull it and then you stretch it and that's how it sticks. If you don't stretch it, it's not sticking. So make sure you stretch it; okay. And I am going to just start at the very top of my flower. This floral tape sticks to itself. It has to be on itself; that's how it sticks. So I am going to just hold it together and as tight as I can, I am going to start wrapping the wire along the stem with my floral tape. Try to keep those; that, those wires separate on both sides; both sides of the stem. So just wrap it, wrap it, wrap it. If you have to wrap it a couple times that's fine; just keep turning it around; you're wrapping it, wrapping it. And the reason why we're wiring this is because you're going to have to pin it. So you need to have some kind of kind of a base; okay. So we've got the wire wrap by the floral tape and now it's sturdy. This isn't going to flop over. Basically that's it with, with the orchid if you want it simple or you can accent it. You can take a greenery and just take a little bit of greenery and just put it on along the back; try to get it nice and smooth. You can take a pen or just something shaped like a pen or pencil and just twist the wire up so it's not sharp. And that's how you make a boutonniere.