Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I want to talk about how to plant garlic bulbs. Now you can buy garlic right in the vegetable aisle and it's nice and washed and clean and you can turn around and you can plant every single little clove and you will find that a plant will grow from each section. So the trick when you're planting your garlic is to plant it either in spring or the fall, doesn't really matter because it'll be dormant over the winter if you live in a cold area, and you want to do a solid clove at a time. But you don't want to just put the whole garlic in there, you want to make lots of plants. So just break that bulb up in to little pieces and plant each piece. Now each piece, I just cover up and there's kind of top and the bottom. The top of the clove is the top part the bottom of the glove is the bottom part. You can go sideways as well, it'll work its way up. And the easy trick is to put them in a container or right in the ground and you want to fill that container about two thirds full, set some garlic in there and then just cover it up about two or three inches so that your garlic is completely covered up. Water it well and pretty much ignore it. Don't let it get too wet or too dry. And eventually your garlic will come up and the trick to know when to harvest your garlic is when the greens have turned yellow and look ratty, you can pull the garlic up and turn around and either eat it or separate it out and put it back in the ground for the next year. It's as easy as that.