Video transcription

Hi, this is Kevin Battersby with in Coconut Creek, Florida. In this clip I'm going to show how to do a Fade golf shot. The Fade golf shot is for right handed golfers, the left or right shot, it's also referred to as a Bleeder. In terms that the Slice is a big left or right, but the Fade is just a small little drop off the table, shot left to right. I would say a Fade would be anywhere from one to maybe five to eight yards. And then from there on from ten to fifteen, twenty yards would be a Slice. So what's required is a very sensitive hand action through the ball, where that, when you're coming through the impact area, the face is just slightly behind your hands. Some of the great Faders of all times obviously, Ben Hogan and Jack Nicklaus. Lee Trevino was more of a Fader to a Slicer, Mark Calcavecchia. But all great players have the Fade shot in their bag, they want to be able to work the ball left to right. There's an old saying, As they fade, you can talk to a hook but a hook won' listen. Where as when the hook shot occurs, the club that's passed my hands, from too much hand action, the Fade is now in a closed position. Usually that becomes more of an air shot golf in the Fade. The Fade seems to land softer on the fairway, has more carry than the hook. And depending on your wind condition, it might be a better shot, if you're playing up North, where there's not a lot of wind. But again, to hit a Fade, your golf club has to arrive to the ball slightly behind my hands, and as the club is behind my hand, it's slightly open. And we talked about how precise this has to be, if I want to hit a big Fader slice, the club will be well behind my hands to impact, I must sense that. But for just a slight Fade, you see the club's catching up to my hands and almost squaring but not quite passing my hands. Because as the club catches my hand and squares up, it's now square. And if the club were to pass my hands before it impacts, such as I've done here, very precise, the ball is going to draw. So all your great Faders have talked about not letting the club pass your hands, not letting the heel of the club getting in front of the toe, all great visuals for you. I remember Tom Watson when he won at the Memorial Project, as he said, he tried to keep his knuckles under. And again, the knuckles under will keep the face behind your hands, which puts a left to right spin in golf shot. This is how to Fade a golf ball.