Video transcription

Hi I'm Dr. Margaret Collins-Hill with Consults in Hypertension in Wilmington, North Carolina. The question this evening is about the signs and symptoms of high cholesterol. It's a quick answer because there really aren't any signs and symptoms of high cholesterol. It is a silent process that leads to atherosclerosis or disease of the blood vessels. This process is what's responsible for heart attacks, strokes, and other disease of the vessels which not only can cause discomfort but death. Measuring cholesterol is a key part of keeping yourself healthy. There are a number of different kinds of cholesterol and your doctor can help explain them. If you have high cholesterol you may be able to get it down to a reasonable point with diet and exercise. There are good cholesterol and bad cholesterol measurements and if you have a good high cholesterol sometimes this will offset the trouble of low cholesterol. People who have heart disease, stroke, or other vessel disease have to attain lower cholesterol levels than other people. Your doctor can sit down with you and outline what your risk factors are. We know that people who have high blood pressure, who smoke, who have diabetes, high cholesterol, positive family histories and a number of other features are more likely to have atherosclerosis. When you know what your personal risk factors are then you can go about treating your cholesterol appropriately. So to recap there are no signs and symptoms of high cholesterol but it's very important so be sure you know your numbers.