Video transcription

Hello my name is Sherie Tengbergen, and I am the author of the DVD The Watercolor Gourmet Cooks For You. In this clip I am going to show you some one stroke painting techniques. The first thing you want to have available to you is what is called a fan brush. A fan brush, this one is a nylon one, and it is great, because once you dip it in water it will form a nice fan shape. And I like to load up my fan brush, and make palm trees. What I am going to do is I'm going to first put some green on one end just by getting one side of my brush green. Then I am going to take burnt sienna, and I am going to get the middle of my brush, and then I am going to take yellow ochre, and fill up the end of my brush. So now I have got three different colors on my brush as you can see here. So now what I want to do is I want to get ready to paint my palm tree. I first want to put down a little bit of a palm frond, and I want to have five of those. Because an odd number in painting is always better than an even number. So there is my trunk, and I have got my fan brush, and now I am going to turn my paper, and I am going to pull the colors of my brush down to form the fronds of my tree. And you see how nicely the different colors of the palm frond come out, because I have loaded my brush with the three different colors. Now I am going to go ahead and load it again, and I am going to go back over some of this just to give it a little bit more detail. Now palm fronds are usually more dry, more yellow ochre at the tips. So I am going to come back in with a small brush, and add a few more fronds. So now we are using a small brush, and I am going to add additional palm fronds to the end of my palm tree with yellow ochre to make the palm tree look like it is getting a little dry around the tips. And this is how you do a really awesome palm tree by using a one stroke painting method. And the last thing I am going to do is take my very small brush, and I am going to add some rings to my palm tree with a darker color. Usually a burn sienna, and a raw umber to make the tree look like it is three dimensional. And if I would like I can put some actual coconuts in my tree, and make this a coconut palm. So that is the technique. This is Sherie Tengbergen, and thank you for watching.