Video transcription

The question is how to treat Pancreatitis in Dog. Well, Pancreatitis is actually a very common and very serious illnesses, illness of dogs. Basically, what it is, is the Pancreas which is a digestive gland that sits right near the stomach gets very inflamed. Now how it gets inflamed, there are multiple ways. The most common is eating something that they're not supposed to eat, something either spoiled or very fatty. Or getting a lot of something at once, like that can cause Pancreatitis. So once that Pancreas gets inflamed, these dogs are typically showing symptoms of vomiting, not wanting to eat, not wanting to drink and or diarrhea, fever sometimes, and especially abdominal pain. So Pancreatitis needs to be identified and diagnosed by your veterinarian through blood work, history, ultra sound and radiography can help as well, diagnose that. Now how is it treated? Well, the best course of action to treat a Pancreatitis dog is actually hospitalization with IV fluids and IV antibiotics. This is a serious disease, it actually can lead to a fatality, if not treated appropriately. And so generally, at home care, is not warranted. Now if your dog is vomiting at home, of course, a lot of people get worried about dehydration and want to give them water or food. But that actually needs to stop, so no food or water, if your dog is vomiting at home. And then call your veterinary clinic and they can help you decide what is the best appropriate treatment for your pet.