How to Build a Cardboard Box Castle

Video transcription

Hi this is Stacy and in this video I will show you how to make a castle out of a cardboard box. The first step is to cut four pieces of cardboard that will make your walls. I have precut mine and they measure 6 by 9. Next we need to mark the top features on our cardboard pieces. I am going to make four. You want to make sure to leave the ends and you need to mark these on all of your pieces. Now we are going to cut the pieces out. We are going to start with just cutting the straight ones. Make sure you have a good pair of scissors and go ahead and cut all of the straight pieces on all four of your walls. Now we can bend our pieces over that we cut, that will just make it easier to cut and then you can cut them all. Now you need to pick one of your sides and you're going to use one of those to make a drawbridge and you're going to find the middle and make draw your bridge. Just make a square. After you do that you will use the scissors and cut it out. Now that all of your pieces are ready you can tape them together. Now we are ready to measure a bottom for our castle after you've measured and cut it out you can tape it together. Now we are ready to tape our drawbridge. Use two pieces of tape, turn it over. Our cardboard castle is now complete and now you can decorate it.

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