Video transcription

And we are back with bottle crafts and today we're going to be making an airplane out of bottles. You're going to start with this cool diet Pepsi bottle. We'll cut the top; we'll cut the outside off. Okay, this is going to be the fuse or lodge of the airplane; very nice and sleek. And through this airplane, I'm going to, can script some other materials. This is going to be the wings; very nice setup here and we'll just have to cut some slits in this airplane for that. We're going to use a knife and I'm just going to puncture it. You want to make the slit just the exact same length as this piece of wood. Here we go and the same thing on the other side. We will feed the wings through 'till you go about halfway. We're going to make a propeller. This is, this is going to be our propeller. This is the windmill that I took off of the windmill that we made in our, "How to make a windmill out of a, out of a bottle video", so I'll use this and I'm going to use a cap and this will the plane's propeller. I'll take my drill with a nice small drill bit and I'm just going to put a hole right in the top. Alright. And now I get just a little screw. Now the hole in this windmill, which is actually now our propeller is just the right size for the screw to go through and have, and allow it to still to spin. I'll get a Phillips has screw driver here and you're going to screw it right on the top of this cap. There we go, now you got some action there. And I'm going to screw that on. Now here's the plane with the propeller that spins and I think the final thing that we want to do to this plane is just give it a little bit of a, a tail. So I will just use a, another bottle here and I'm just going to take one, one small slice of this. Okay, now this will act as a tail. So we'll just need to make a little slit for it right in here; right in here on the top and then we'll feed it in. And there we go, now the plane has a tail. Let's go to see how it flies.