How to Make F1 Cars Out of Paper

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Formula 1, or F1, is a global automobile racing sport. The F1 indicates a certain design of car that is built for the races. Strict regulations govern the car's design, and other engineering considerations such as aerodynamics add to the unique look of the car. You can download templates from the Internet to make scale models of Formula 1 racing vehicles. Many of these models are designed by hobbyists and presented on their own websites. The templates are rather simple to assemble and result in a fairly realistic model.

Download a Formula 1 car template. You can find the templates on many websites offering free downloads, such as and Some sites also sell F1 paper model templates.

Print the template on the appropriate-sized paper. Many of the templates are designed for A4 paper, which is a European standard size that is slightly different than the standard printer paper in the U.S. Make sure your template is designed for the size of paper you are using.

Study your template to make sure you understand any directions for assembling the model. Some templates will have diagram directions and some will have text directions. Some may not have directions at all, but these tend to be models with simple assembly procedures that need no explanation.

Use the scissors to cut out the template pieces. Do not cut off the tabs; you will use them to assemble the template into a three-dimensional model.

Crease the tabs along the lines where they meet the drawing of the car components. Begin with the car body and bring the tabs together on the unprinted side of the template pieces to make the car take shape. Be careful to line up the tabs with the corresponding tabs on the opposite side of the same template piece or an adjoining piece according to directions.

Tape the tabs together so that the Formula 1 car keeps its shape. Continue taping the tabs on the car body until it is finished. Then tape tabs on smaller components such as tires, axles and spoiler. Tape the smaller components to the car body until the model is completely assembled.

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